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General Employees Pension Board
General Employees Pension Board
This Board is created by City Charter Section 10.440.  It was established for the purpose of providing for the retirement of officers and employees for the City of St. Clair Shores, exclusive of police and fire employees.

The Board of Trustees consist of 5 members:   Mayor, Council Member, Citizen, and 2 members elected by the active membership. They meet the third Tuesday of the month at City Hall at 3:30 pm. The City Clerk is Clerk of the Board; its primary contact and Freedom of Information Coordinator (FOIA). 

2016 Actuarial Valuation Report
2015 Actuarial Valuation Report
2014 Actuarial Valuation  Report

Fiscal Year Budget

Freedom of Information
Request Form
Fee Itemization Form
Public Summary

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