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Water Billing

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.                    Picture of Water Drop
Phone:  (586) 447-3317
Fax:  (586) 445-5245
During regular business hours, you can obtain billing information, request a final reading or schedule a service appointment with the Water Billing Department. 


Final readings must be scheduled with the Water Billing Department. The bill will be available after 12:00 p.m. the business day following the appointment. In most cases, access to the home is needed and someone must be there to let our service person in.  When Final Bills are processed, customers are automatically cancelled from Automatic Bill Pay. 
If you wish to go paperless and receive your quarterly water bill by e-mail, please CLICK HERE to print our E-Bill form. Just complete the form and return it to the Water Billing Department. If you already receive your water bill via e-mail, you can use this form to change your e-mail address with the City, if necessary, or to stop e-billing.

NOTE: All water registered at the inside water meter will be charged to the account. You should occasionally read your outside reading device to confirm that this reading matches that of your meter. If not, contact the Water Service Department at (586) 445-5374 ext. 201.


Q.  When will I get my water bill?

A.  Residents receive their water bills quarterly in the City of St. Clair Shores. You
     should receive your bills on the first of the following months:

                48080             48082             48081

                January            February          March
                April                May                  June
                July                 August              September
                October           November         December 
     Payments are due three weeks after the bills are mailed.

Q.  What are the water rates in the City?
A.  The water and sewer rates in the City are as follows:
  • Water $4.738 per unit
  • Sewer $6.425 per unit
     You are billed water and sewer charges ($11.163 Total) for each unit of water you use.

Q.  How much water is a unit?
A.  Each unit is 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons.

Q.  My meter is in my house, how does the City know how much water I used?
A.  The City is in the process of adding radio read devices to newly installed meters which 
     will transmit the reading to the City offices at the time of billing. However, most
     properties currently have an
outside reading device located on the outside of the house
     which is read by a meter reader.
Water Residential Assistance Program
The Great Lakes Water Authority, the regional water authority that includes the City of Detroit, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties and the State of Michigan, is offering an assistance program to qualifying low-income retail customers. For more information on the Water Residential Assistance program (WRAP), check the fact sheet here. You can also contact the GLWA directly at 844-455-45792 for more information.

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